CPWL and the Solid Energy environmental team started groundwater monitoring for Stage 1 in December 2012 and will continue to monitor the selected bores quarterly.
In addition, Katharine Watson, archaeologist of Underground Overground Archaeology, completed the archaeological site survey in February to identify any historical artifacts or Koiwi tangata (human bones) or taonga (treasured artifacts).
Nothing unexpected was discovered during the visual survey. A further desktop study of historical records will also be undertaken to identify any sites or artifacts that have been documented in the past, but not visible on site.
CPWL has an accidental discovery protocol in place that sets out the procedures required should any artifact or human bones be discovered during the geotechnical investigations or later construction work.
In addition, a terrestrial ecological survey will be completed by the end of February to identify any sites of significance. Having these surveys completed will ensure that CPWL has enough time to resolve any issues that arise so as to avoid any delays to the construction programme.
We sincerely thank all landowners that have allowed access to their properties for this work.


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