2017 Further Offer of Stage 2 Construction Shares and Small Blocks Offer Launch

Wednesday 1st February 2017: Share Offer Opened

Tuesday 28th February 2017 at 5.00pm: Share Offer Closes

Stage 2 of the CPW Scheme has been designed to supply 20,000ha (assuming 1 Construction Share per hectare).  The 2016 Stage 2 Offer period closed with applications for 15,409 Construction Shares (wet shares).  A further capacity of 4,591 Construction Shares (dry shares) has been included in the reticulation network design to allow for future uptake to achieve the full 20,000ha of CPW irrigation in the Stage 2 area.

The extra 4,591 shares are now being offered to eligible applicants.  There is very limited flexibility to move these dry shares around, especially after March 2017 once detailed design is completed and the HDPE pipe has been ordered.  In most cases, this February Stage 2 Share Offer will be the last opportunity to move dry shares around economically.

Please use the following link to view the Stage 2 Information Memorandum offering Stage 2 Construction Shares:

Stage 2 – Information Memorandum

Please use the following links to view the Small Blocks Water Policy, and Application Form:

Small Blocks – Policy and Key Terms

Small Blocks – Application Form 

CPWL will be hosting an information afternoon to discuss both of these options on:


CPWL will hold a number of one-one-one sessions over the coming weeks.

Please contact CPWL on (03) 982 4267 to book a time slot.

Should you need more information on this process, please contact our office on (03) 982 4267.