In addition to the specific farm related compliance tools, at a Scheme level, CPWL are required to ensure water quality and water quantity within and below the command area are not adversely affected by the operating Scheme.

The Ground and Surface Water Expert Review Panel (GSWERP) was established in 2013 independently to oversee and direct the ground and surface water monitoring programme undertaken by CPWL.  The panel is a group of independent experts with knowledge and skills relating to ground and surface water quality and quantity, land drainage and cultural values, as required by CPW’s consent.

John Sunckell is the Chairman of the Panel and is joined by John Bright, Ned Norton, Matthew Smith and Peter Callander who have been members since 2013.  Kyle Nelson joined the Panel in 2015.

CPWL have developed, and GSWERP approved, a Ground and Surface Water Plan that comprises of:

Ground and Surface Water Plan: Part 1 (Location & Monitoring); and

  1. Baseline Water Quality Assessment

2.  Baseline Groundwater Level Assessment


Ground and Surface Water Plan: Part 2 (Mitigation and Trigger Response Procedures)

  1. Part 1 (pages 1 – 45)
  2. Part 2 (pages 46 – 94)



Panel Member Area of Expertise
John Sunckell (Chairman) Lowland drainage network operations in Canterbury
John Bright Groundwater quality monitoring and land drainage
Ned Norton Surface water monitoring
Matthew Smith ECan representative.  Hydrogeology
Peter Callander SDC/CCC representative.  Christchurch & Kaiapoi artesian aquifer systems
Kyle Nelson TRoNT representative.  Ngai Tahu values