A group of former Solid Energy NZ staff initially seconded for design work on the Central Plains Water (CPWL) scheme, have joined CPW as permanent employees.

The expertise of the group was engaged late last year to project manage the $144m first stage of the irrigation scheme, taking the project through the design and land procurement stages to the start of construction.

“We’re really happy to have these competent, skilled people on board with good management skills working on one of the largest infrastructure projects of a lifetime,” said Doug Catherwood, CPWL Chair.

Some of the Solid Energy staff had been working on the CPWL design since last October, and with recent redundancies and the dis-establishment of various positions at Solid Energy, they have now signed contracts directly with CPW, he said.

“This means we now have the capacity and expertise in-house from highly competent technical staff.  Their input over the last six months in the project’s development has been critical to the success so far.  It allowed us to hit the ground running and their mining skills and construction and earthmoving backgrounds and expertise have proven invaluable to the swift advancement of the project, “ he said.

CPWL continues to outsource work as necessary to specialist consultants.

“We’re continuing to receive environmental input and some technical services from Solid Energy on an as-needed basis.”

Featured image: Discussing alignment with David Morris – SENZ engineer responsible for the 3D modeling of the Canal.


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