Dairy NZ – Natural Seepage Wetlands – Can they reduce Nitrogen losses? They may be generally disliked by farmers and thought of as troublesome ‘bogs’, but seepage wetlands have proven highly effective at preventing contaminants from reaching waterways. These so-called ‘kidneys of the land’ could serve as one useful tool in the dairy sector’s efforts to reduce nitrate leaching. https://www.dairynz.co.nz/news/latest-news/natural-seepage-wetlands-can-they-reduce-nitrogen-losses/

Rotorua Land Use Directory – This website is a guide to help land users in the Lake Rotorua catchment evaluate other land use options that may be available to them. Assess the Markets, Production, Infrastructure, Positive and Negitive impact on the Environment and Costs and Returns for Agri-tourism, Apiculture, Blueberries, Chestnuts, Dairy Goats, Dairy Sheep, Deer, Drystock, Echinacea, Feijoa, Forestry, Ginseng, Goats – Fibre, Goats – Meat, Hazelnuts, Lavender, Manuka, Poultry and Saffron.  http://landusenz.org.nz/land-uses/

Selwyn Waihora Seminar Series Central Plains Water Video Link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjGdyFEG6Qw&list=PLN9O2KsU5YytmRknkYUpl1Pqs-DJGx-Tt&index=4&t=2215s

BeforeUDig – is an online service which enables anyone undertaking excavation works to obtain information on the location of cables, pipes and other utility assets in and around any proposed dig site, helping to protect themselves and valuable assets during these works.  https://www.beforeudig.co.nz/nz/home

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