Stage 1
Stage 1 Prospectus & Investment Statement 2013


Stage 2

Stage 2 has been designed to supply 20,000ha (assuming 1 Construction Share per hectare).  The 2016 Stage 2 Offer Product Disclosure Statement closed at the end of June 2016 with applications for 15,409 Construction Shares (wet shares).  A further capacity of 4,591 Construction Shares (dry shares) has been included in the reticulation network design to allow for future uptake to achieve the full 20,000ha in the Stage 2 area.

The extra 4,591 shares were being offered to eligible applicants in a further Share Offer Information Memorandum in February 2017 and through a Share Subscription Offer from June 2017.  There is very limited flexibility to move these dry shares around, especially after March 2017 once a detailed design is completed and the HDPE pipe has been ordered.  If you are interested in irrigating a property in the Stage 2 area, please contact our office as soon as possible to discuss.

Alongside this, CPWL is offering a Small Block Policy for those properties that are not eligible to participate in the Construction Share Offer, click here to learn more about the Small Block Policy offer.


Sheffield Information Memorandum September 2016